Europe is experiencing a heatwave with warnings for citizens

Europe is experiencing a heatwave with warnings for citizens

Europe is experiencing a heatwave with warnings for citizens

Europe is expected to experience high temperatures on Saturday and Sunday, as the scorching heatwave “Serbios” tightens its grip on southern Europe, prompting warnings of sun exposure dangers.

Temperature in Italy

Temperatures in Italy are expected to continue to rise to their maximum, according to the British network “Sky News” on Saturday. Weather forecasts say that temperatures in the country will be about 12 degrees Celsius higher than their average on Sunday.

Five cities on the island of Sicily in southern Italy issued new warnings to residents about going out in the middle of the day. Italy’s Ministry of Health had issued the same warning in 10 cities, including the capital Rome, on Friday.

Temperature in Cyprus Today

In Cyprus, authorities issued a red warning, urging residents to take more caution and avoid using any machines that could cause fires. In the capital, Nicosia, more than 20 elderly people sought shelter from the heat in facilities designated by authorities to face heatwaves in the summer.

The temperature in Nicosia is expected to reach 43 degrees Celsius by midday on Saturday and is not expected to drop below 27 degrees Celsius even during the night, with humidity around the coast reaching 65%.

This comes after temperatures in Greece rose above 40 degrees Celsius, causing tourists to express anger after the Acropolis, Athens’ most prominent tourist landmark, closed.

Temperature in Spain

The weather in Spain today

The weather in Madrid today

Temperature in Madrid today

Climate in Madrid

In Spain, temperatures are expected to exceed 40 degrees Celsius in at least 12 out of the country’s 17 regions. On Wednesday, temperatures in the town of Albacete in southeast Spain reached 45 degrees Celsius.

Spain’s emergency agency issued a warning of a new heatwave expected to start on Sunday, with record-breaking temperatures.


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